V90 Cross Country


Opening/closing the tailgate with foot movement*

To facilitate the operation of the tailgate when your hands are occupied, it can be opened/closed by means of a forward kicking motion under the rear bumper.
P5-15w19 - POT footmovement sensor

The sensor is positioned to the left of centre in the bumper

One of the car's remote control keys must be within range2 behind the car in order for opening/closing to be possible. This also applies to an already unlocked car in order to avoid accidental opening e.g. in a car wash.


P5-15w19 - Tailgate Footmovement

Kicking motion within the detector's valid activation area.



The foot-operated tailgate function is available in two versions:

  • Opening and closing with foot movement
  • Only unlocking with foot movement (lift up the tailgate manually to open it)

Note that the function for opening and closing with foot movement requires the "Power operated tailgate"* option.

Make one slow, forward kicking motion under the left part of the rear bumper. Then take a step back. The bumper must not be touched.

A short acoustic signal sounds when opening/closing is activated - the tailgate is opened/closed.

If the tailgate is on open position then it is always closed on activation via foot movement.

The tailgate can also be closed via the instrument panel's button, the remote control key or the button(s)1 under the tailgate. For more information, see the section "Power operated tailgate".

If several kicking motions take place without an approved remote control key being located behind the car, opening will not be possible until after a certain delay.

Do not leave your foot positioned under the car during the kicking motion. This could cause activation to fail.

Cancel opening/closing

Make one slow forward kicking motion when opening/closing is in progress in order to stop the movement of the tailgate.

The remote control key does not have to be in the vicinity of the car to cancel opening/closing.


There is a risk of reduced function, or no function, if the rear bumper is loaded with large amounts of ice, snow, dirt or similar. For this reason, make sure you keep it clean.


Pay attention to the possibility that the system may be activated in a car wash or similar if the remote key is within range.
  1. * 옵션/액세서리.
  2. 1 If the car is equipped with skid plate/diffuser* then the detector is positioned out towards the left-hand corner of the bumper..
  3. 2 See the section "Remote control key range" for more information.

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