V90 Cross Country


Replacing the rear fog lamp bulb

The bulb for the rear fog lamp is located behind a hatch in the tailgate panel.

Left-hand drive cars have the fog lamp on the left-hand side, right-hand drive cars on the right-hand side.

The rear fog lamp bulb is replaced as follows:

P5-1617-V90 Tailgate hatch removal

The tailgate's inner panel.

  1. 1. Detach the panel on the inside of the tailgate by first turning the two knobs a quarter turn anticlockwise. Then unhook the panel and place it to one side.
P5-1617-V90 Rear fog light bulb replacement

Lamp housing on left-hand side.

  1. 2. Undo the bulb holder by turning it a quarter turn anticlockwise and pulling it out.
  2. 3. Remove the blown bulb from the bulb holder by pressing it in and turning anticlockwise.
  3. 4. Fit a new bulb by pressing it in and turning it clockwise.
  4. 5. Wipe the bulb's lens clean of any dirt, grease or moisture.
  5. 6. Attach the bulb holder by turning it a quarter turn clockwise.
  6. 7. Refit the panel and lock it on by turning the knobs a quarter turn clockwise.

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