V90 Cross Country


Manual gearbox

With a manual gearbox, the driver selects a suitable gear manually, according to speed and power requirements at the time.

Changing gear

The manual gearbox has six gears, the shifting pattern is imprinted on the gear lever.

P5-1646-S90-manual gear box shifter

Gearing pattern.

  • Depress the clutch pedal fully during each gear change.
  • Take your foot off the clutch pedal between gear changes.

Reverse gear inhibitor

The reverse gear inhibitor hinders the possibility of mistakenly attempting to engage reverse gear during normal forward travel.

  • Follow the gearing pattern printed on the gear lever and start from neutral position, N before moving it to R position.
  • Engage reverse gear only when the car is stationary.

During parking


Always apply the parking brake when parking on a slope - leaving the car in gear is not sufficient to hold the car in all situations.

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