V90 Cross Country


Voice recognition and map navigation

Command for voice control of the navigation system, e.g. set destination or pause guidance.
Tap on and say one of the following commands:
  • Navigation” - Initiates a navigation dialogue and shows examples of commands.
  • "Take me home" - Guidance is given to the Home position.
  • "Go to[City]" - Specifies a city as a destination. Example "Drive to London".
  • "Add intersection" - Starts a dialogue where two streets must be specified. The intersection point of the specified streets then becomes the destination.
  • "Enter province/Set municipality" - Changes the search area for navigation.
Searches can be made by saying one of the following alternatives for municipality:
  1. "Go to[City]1[street][street number]1".
  2. "Go to[district/county]1[street][street number]1".
  3. "Go to[City]1[quarter][quarter number]1".
  4. "Go to[district/county]1[quarter][quarter number]1".
Searches can be made by saying one of the following alternatives for province:
  1. "Go to[City]1[street][street number]1".
  2. "Go to[City]1[district]1[street][street number]".
  3. "Go to[county]1[street][street number]".
  4. "Go to[City]1[quarter][quarter number]".
  5. "Go to[City]1[district]1[quarter][quarter number]".
  6. "Go to[county]1[quarter][quarter number]".
  • "Go to[Post code]" - Specifies a post code as a destination. Example "Drive to 1 2 3 4 5".
  • "Go to[contact]" - Specifies an address from the phone book as a destination. Example "Drive to Robyn Smith".
  • "Search[POI category]" - Searches for adjacent points of interest (POI) within a certain category (e.g. restaurants). 2 To have the list sorted along the route - say "Along the route" when the results list is shown.
  • "Search[POI category] in [City]" - Searches for points of interest (POI) within a certain category and city. The results list is sorted according to the city's centre point. Example "Search for restaurant in London".
  • "Search[POI name]". Example "Search Hyde Park".
  • "Show favourites" - Shows favourited positions in the driver display.
  • "Clear itinerary" - Erases all the stored intermediate destinations and final destination in an itinerary.
  • "Repeat voice guidance" - Repeats the last spoken guidance.
  • "Turn off voice guidance" - Switches off voice guidance.
  • "Turn on voice guidance" - Starts the switched-off voice guidance.
  1. 1 Can be omitted.
  2. 2 The user has the option of calling the POI or specifying it as a destination.

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