V90 Cross Country


Using Volvo On Call

The Volvo On Call system is activated by pressing the SOS or ON CALL button in the roof, or via options in the centre display. Addition settings can also be set in the centre display.

Volvo on Call is automatically started when the car's safety system is triggered, e.g. in an accident in which the activation level is reached for the seatbelt tensioners or airbags. Contact is made between the car and Volvo on Call service centre, which will send appropriate assistance to the car's position.

When a service is active, it is shown in the centre display.

P5-1617-S90 V90 Volvo On call button

Overview of buttons in roof and in centre display.

SOS button - in the event of emergency situations

Press the SOS button in the roof for 2 seconds to activate the manual alarm service.

ON CALL button - in the event of a problem with the car

Press the ON CALL button in the roof for 2 seconds to activate the service and get in contact with Volvo on Call service centre.

Alternatives to the ON CALL button

Tap on On Call in telephone view in the centre display. In the pop-up window that opens, select Call.


The SOS button must only be used in the event of accident, illness or an external threat against the car and its passengers. The SOS function is only intended for emergency situations.

The ON CALL button can be used for all other services, including roadside assistance.

Stopping the security or comfort service

A service that has been started can be stopped within 8 seconds with one press End call in the centre display.


Options and settings available in the system are selected in the centre display:

Tap on Settings in top view.
Press CommunicationVolvo On Call.

- Select Activate UNIT to activate the Volvo On Call service and subscription. Contact your Volvo dealer for more information on subscription renewal and system reactivation.

– Select Button lock to decide when the SOS and ON CALL buttons are to be activated. The function means that the buttons are only activated if the car's electrical system is in ignition position I or II, or if the engine is running.

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