V90 Cross Country


Show trip data in the driver display

The trip computer's recorded and calculated values can be shown in the driver display.

The values are saved in a trip computer app. Via the app menu, you can choose which information is shown on the driver display.

P5-1507–I+C–App menu and right steering wheel switch

Open and navigate in the app menu

  1. App menu
  2. Left/right
  3. Up/down
  4. Confirm

Open the app menu in the driver display by pressing (1).

(It is not possible to open the app menu while there is an unacknowledged message in the driver display. The message must be confirmed before the app menu can be opened.)

Navigate to the trip computer app to left or right with (2).
The top four menu rows show measured values for trip meter TM. The next four menu rows show measured values for trip meter TA. Scroll up or down in the list with (3).

Scroll down to the option buttons to select which information to show in the driver display:

  • Instantaneous fuel consumption
  • Distance to empty tank
  • Odometer
  • Mileage for trip meter TM, TA, or no display of mileage
  • Tourist (alternative speedometer).

Select or deselect an option with the O button (4). The change is made immediately.

Resetting the trip meter

P5-1507-reset button left stalk on steering wheel

Reset the trip meter TM with one long press on the RESET button on the left-hand stalk switch.

Trip meter TA only has automatic resetting. The meter is reset if the car is not used for four hours or more.

Change unit

Change the units for mileage, speed, etc. via the centre display as follows:

Press Settings in the top view.
Press SystemUnits.
Under Units, select the required unit standard: Metric, Imperial or US.


In addition to in the trip computer, these units are also changed in Volvo's navigation system*.

  1. 1 The appearance of the display may vary depending on instrument variant.
  2. * 옵션/액세서리.

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