2015 Early

Lamp replacement - headlamps

All of the headlamp bulbs are replaced via the engine compartment. First loosen and remove the whole headlamp.

Removing the headlamp

Set the car's electrical system in key position 0, see Key positions - functions at different levels.

Pull out the headlamp's locking pins.
Pull the headlamp straight forward.


Do not pull the electrical cable, only the connector.
Detach the headlamp connector by pressing down the clip with your thumb.
At the same time, guide out the connector with your other hand.
5.Lift out the headlamp and place it on a soft surface to avoid scratching the lens.
6.Replace the bulb in question.

Securing the headlamp

Plug in the connector, a clicking sound should be heard.
Reinstall the headlamp and locking pins. Check that they are firmly inserted.
Check the lighting.

The headlamp must be mounted and the connector firmly connected before the lighting is switched on or the remote control key is inserted into the ignition switch.

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