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Digital owner's manual in the car

The owner's manual can be read on the screen in the car1. The content is searchable and it is easy to navigate between different sections.

Open the digital owner's manual - press the MY CAR button in the centre console, press OK/MENU and select Owner's manual.

For basic navigation, read how the system is operated and menu navigation . See below for a more detailed description.

Owner's manual, start page.

Owner's manual, start page.

There are four options for finding information in the owner's manual:

  • Search - Search function for finding an article.
  • Categories - All articles sorted into categories.
  • Favourites - Quick access to favourite-bookmarked articles.
  • Quick Guide - A selection of articles for common functions.

Select the information symbol in the lower right-hand corner in order to obtain information about the digital owner's manual.


The owner's manual is not available while driving.


Searching using the daisy wheel.

Searching using the daisy wheel.

  1. Character list.
  2. Changing the input mode (see following table).

Use the daisy wheel to enter a search term, e.g. "seatbelt".

Turn TUNE to the desired letter, press OK/MENU to confirm. The number and letter buttons on the control panel in the centre console can also be used.
Continue with the next letter and so on.
To change the input mode to numbers or special characters, or to perform a search, turn TUNE to one of the options (see explanation in the following table) in the list for changing the input mode (2), press OK/MENU.
123/ABCChange between letters and numbers with OK/MENU.
MOREChange to special characters with OK/MENU.
OKPerform the search. Turn TUNE to select a search result article, press OK/MENU to go to the article.
a|AChanges between lowercase and uppercase letters with OK/MENU.
{ | }

Changes from the text wheel to the search field. Move the cursor with TUNE. Delete any misspelling with EXIT. To return to the text wheel, press OK/MENU.

Note that the digit and letter buttons on the control panel can be used for editing in the search field.


The articles in the owner's manual are structured into main categories and subcategories. The same article can be in several appropriate categories in order to be found more easily.

Turn TUNE to navigate in the category tree and press OK/MENU to open a category - selected - or article - selected . Press EXIT to go back to the previous view.


Located here are the articles that are saved as favourites. To select an article as a favourite, see the heading "Navigating in an article" below.

Turn TUNE to navigate in the favourite list and press OK/MENU to open an article. Press EXIT to go back to the previous view.

Quick Guide

Located here is a selection of articles for getting to know the car's most common functions. The articles can also be accessed via categories, but are collected here for quick access.

Turn TUNE to navigate in the Quick Guide and press OK/MENU to open an article. Press EXIT to go back to the previous view.

Navigating in an article

  1. Home - leads to the start page for the owner's manual.
  2. Favourite - adds/removes an article as a favourite. You can also press the FAV button in the centre console to add/remove an article as a favourite.
  3. Highlighted link - leads to linked article.
  4. Special texts - if the article contains warnings, important or note texts then an associated symbol is shown here as well as the number of such texts in the article.

Turn TUNE to navigate between the links or scroll in an article. When the screen has scrolled to the start/end of an article the home and favourite options are accessed by scrolling a further step up/down. Press OK/MENU to activate the selection/highlighted link. Press EXIT to go back to the previous view.

  1. 1 Applies to certain car models.

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