Empty tank and diesel engine

업데이트됨 7/23/2018

Once the engine has stopped due to fuel starvation, the fuel system needs a few moments to carry out a check.

Before starting the engine after the fuel tank has been filled with diesel - proceed as follows:

  1. The remote control key must be inside the car.
  2. Set the car in ignition position II - turn the ignition dial to START without depressing the brake pedal and hold the knob in the START position for approx. 4 seconds. Then release the knob, which automatically returns to its starting position.
  3. Wait approx. one minute.
  4. To start the engine: Depress the brake pedal and turn the ignition dial to START again.


Before filling with fuel in the event of fuel shortage:

  • Stop the car on as flat/level ground as possible - if the car is tilting there is a risk of air pockets in the fuel supply.

Points to remember when filling with a fuel can

When filling diesel with a fuel can, use the funnel located under the floor hatch in the cargo area. Make sure you insert the funnel's pipe firmly into the filler pipe. The filler pipe has an openable cover and the funnel's pipe must be slid past the cover before filling can begin.

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