S60 Cross Country

2016 Late

Coolant - grade and volume

Approved coolant volume for each respective engine alternative can be read in the table.

Prescribed grade: Coolant recommended by Volvo mixed with 50% water1, see the packaging.


Not all engines are available in all markets.





D4D4204T148,9 (9,24)
T5 AWDB5254T128.9
T5 AWDB5254T14
D4 AWDD5244T21
  1. 1 Water quality must fulfil the standard STD 1285.1.
  2. 2 S60 Cross Country
  3. 3 Engine code, component and serial number can be read on the engine; see Type designations.
  4. 4 Applies to cars with fuel-driven heater.

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