Water and dirt-repellent coating

The windows are treated with a surface coating that improves visibility in difficult weather conditions.

Water and dirt-repellent coating*

Symbol smutsavvisande ytskikt

There is natural wear of the water-repellent coating.


  • Never use products such as car wax, degreaser or similar on glass surfaces as this could ruin their water-repellent properties.
  • Take care when cleaning so as not to damage the glass surface.
  • To avoid damaging glass surfaces when removing ice – only use plastic ice scrapers.
  • Treatment with a special finishing agent available from Volvo dealers is recommended in order to maintain the water-repellent properties on the side windows. This should be used first after three years and then each year.


Do not use a metal ice scraper to remove ice from the windows. Use the heating to remove ice from the door mirrors, see Windows and rearview and door mirrors - heating.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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