Towing capacity and towball load

Towing capacity and towball load for driving with a trailer can be read in the tables.

Max. weight braked trailer


Not all engines are available in all markets.



Engine code2GearboxMax. weight braked trailer (kg)Max. towball load (kg)
T5 AWDB4204T11Automatic, TG-81SC180090
D3D4204T4Manual, M66180090
D3D4204T4Automatic, TG-81SC180090
D4D4204T14Manual, M66180090
D4D4204T14Automatic, TG-81SC180090
D4 AWDD5244T21Automatic, TF-80SD190090

Max. weight unbraked trailer

Max. weight unbraked trailer (kg)Max. towball load (kg)
  1. 1 S60 Cross Country
  2. 2 Engine code, component and serial number can be read on the engine; see Type designations.