Wipers and washers

Wipers and washers clean the windscreen and rear window. The headlamps are cleaned with high-pressure washing.

Windscreen wipers1

P3-1320-S60/S80 Torkare och spolare
Windscreen wipers and windscreen washers.
  1. Ikon röd cirkel 1Rain sensor, On/Off
  2. Ikon röd cirkel 2Thumbwheel sensitivity/frequency

Windscreen wipers off

Symbol vindrutetorkare av

Move the stalk switch to position 0 to switch off the windscreen wipers.

Single sweep

Symbol enkelsvep

Raise the stalk switch and release to make one sweep.

Intermittent wiping

Symbol intervalltorkning

Set the number of sweeps per time unit with the thumbwheel when intermittent wiping is selected.

Continuous wiping

Symbol kontenuerlig torkning 1

The wipers sweep at normal speed.

Symbol kontenuerlig torkning 2

The wipers sweep at high speed.


Before activating the wipers - ensure that the wiper blades are not frozen in, and that any snow or ice on the windscreen (and rear window) is scraped away.


Use plenty of washer fluid when the wipers are cleaning the windscreen. The windscreen must be wet when the windscreen wipers are operating.

Service position wiper blade

For cleaning the windscreen/wiper blades and replacement of wiper blades, see Car wash and Wiper blades.

Rain sensor*

The rain sensor automatically starts the windscreen wipers based on how much water it detects on the windscreen. The sensitivity of the rain sensor can be adjusted using the thumbwheel.

When the rain sensor is activated a lamp in the button is illuminated and the rain sensor symbol Symbol regnsensorn 1 - text is shown in the combined instrument panel.

Activating and setting the sensitivity

When activating the rain sensor, the car must be running or the remote control key in position I or II while the windscreen wiper stalk switch must be in position 0 or in the position for a single sweep.

Activate the rain sensor by pressing the rain sensor button Symbol regnsensorn 2 - text. The windscreen wipers make one sweep.

Press the stalk switch up for the wipers to make an extra sweep.

Turn the thumbwheel upward for higher sensitivity and downward for lower sensitivity. (An extra sweep is made when the thumbwheel is turned upward.)


Deactivate the rain sensor by pressing the rain sensor button Symbol regnsensorn 2 - text or move the stalk switch down to another wiper program.

The rain sensor is automatically deactivated when the remote control key is removed from the ignition switch or five minutes after the engine has been switched off.


The windscreen wipers could start and be damaged in an automatic car wash. Switch off the rain sensor while the car is in motion or when the remote control key is in position I or II. The symbol in the combined instrument panel and the lamp in the button go out.

Washing the headlamps and windows

P3-1320-S60 Spolning av strålkastare och rutor
Washing function.

Washing the windscreen

Move the stalk switch toward the steering wheel to start the windscreen and headlamp washers.

The windscreen wipers will make several more sweeps and the headlamps are washed once the stalk switch has been released.

Heated washer nozzles*

The washer nozzles are heated automatically in cold weather to prevent the washer fluid freezing solid.

High-pressure headlamp washing*

High-pressure headlamp washing consumes a large quantity of washer fluid. To save fluid, the headlamps are washed automatically at every fifth windscreen wash cycle.

Reduced washing

If only approx. 1 litre of washer fluid remains in the reservoir and the message that you should fill the washer fluid is shown in the combined instrument panel, then the supply of washer fluid to the headlamps is switched off. This is in order to prioritise cleaning the windscreen and the visibility through it.

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