Loading - ski hatch

The hatch in the backrest can be opened to transport long narrow items.
p3007 skidlucka 1
p3007 skidlucka 2
p3007 skidlucka 3
Ikon grå fyrkant 1

Fold the right-hand backrest forward.

Ikon grå fyrkant 2

Release the hatch in the rear seat backrest by sliding the bolt up while pressing the hatch down/forward.

Ikon grå fyrkant 3

Fold back the backrest with the hatch open.

Use the seatbelt to prevent the load from moving.


Stop the engine and apply the parking brake when loading and unloading. Otherwise the gear lever/selector can accidentally be knocked and moved to a driving position.

Removing the hatch

After the hatch has been released and the backrest folded backwards, open the hatch approx. 30 degrees and pull it straight up.

Attaching the hatch

Refit the hatch in the grooves behind the upholstery and close the hatch.

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