Volvo On Call*

Volvo On Call (VOC)* is an additional service to which Volvo owners can subscribe. The subscription consists of safety, security and comfort services.

The VOC system is linked to the car's SRS and alarm systems and the other systems in the car (e.g. locks and climate control). The car has a built-in modem for communication between the car and VOC's services. Map shows the countries where the system is available. Contact a Volvo dealer for current information, since the map may change. The subscription's services/offer are dependent on the market. Contact a Volvo dealer for information about which services are applicable in a particular country.


Once the remote control key has been removed from the car, the system's functions are available continuously for 5 days and then once per hour during the following 17 days. After a total of 22 days the system will be deactivated until the car is started.

The system uses GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to locate the car. The car's built-in modem is used for contact with the VOC service centre and VOC mobile app.


The system only works in areas where VOC's partners have mobile coverage and in markets where the service is available.

Just as with mobile phones, atmospheric disturbances or sparse transmitter coverage may lead to connection being impossible, e.g. in sparsely populated areas.


A subscription is initiated in connection with the purchase of the car when the system is activated. The subscription has a time limit but can be extended, and validity is market dependent.

Comfort services

Safety services

Security services


All calls with the VOC Service Centre will be recorded.

Information on the Internet

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  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Certain markets.