When the systems deploy

In the event of a collision Volvo's different personal safety systems work together in order to minimise injury.
Seatbelt tensioner front seatIn the event of a frontal collision, and/or side-impact collision, and/or rear-end collision and/or overturning
Seatbelt tensioner, rear seatIn a frontal collision and/or side-impact accident and/or overturning


(Steering wheel and passenger airbag)

In a frontal collision1
Side airbags (SIPS)In a side-impact accident1
Inflatable Curtain ICIn the event of a side-impact collision and/or certain frontal collisions1
Whiplash protection WHIPSIn a rear-end collision

If the airbags have deployed, the following is recommended:

  • Recovering the car. Volvo recommends that you have it conveyed to an authorised Volvo workshop. Do not drive with deployed airbags.
  • Volvo recommends that you engage an authorised Volvo workshop to handle the replacement of components in the car's safety systems.
  • Always contact a doctor.


The airbags and belt tensioner system are deployed only once during a collision.


The airbag system's control module is located in the centre console. If the centre console is drenched with water or other liquid, disconnect the battery cables. Do not attempt to start the car since the airbags may deploy. Recovering the car. Volvo recommends that you have it conveyed to an authorised Volvo workshop.


Never drive with deployed airbags. They can make steering difficult. Other safety systems may also be damaged. The smoke and dust created when the airbags are deployed can cause skin and eye irritation/injury after intensive exposure. In case of irritation, wash with cold water. The rapid deployment sequence and airbag fabric may cause friction and skin burns.
  1. 1 The bodywork of the car could be greatly deformed in a collision without airbag deployment. A number of factors such as the rigidity and weight of the object hit, the speed of the car, the angle of the collision etc. affects how the different safety systems of the car are activated.