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Keyless Drive* - antenna location

Cars equipped with keyless start and lock system have a number of built-in antennas positioned at different locations in the car.
P3 -1220-KV-antenner s80
Ikon röd cirkel 1Rear bumper, centre
Ikon röd cirkel 2Door handle, left rear
Ikon röd cirkel 3Parcel shelf, centre, underside
Ikon röd cirkel 4Door handle, right rear
Ikon röd cirkel 5Centre console, under the rear section
Ikon röd cirkel 6Centre console, under the front section.


People with pacemaker operations should not come closer than 22 cm to the keyless system's antennae with their pacemaker. This is to prevent interference between the pacemaker and the keyless system.
  1. * Option/accessory.

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