Towing eye

The towing eye is screwed into a threaded socket behind a cover on the right-hand side of the bumper, front or rear.

Attaching the towing eye

P4-1220-Mounting towing eyelet pos. 1
P4-1220-Mounting towing eyelet pos. 2
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Take out the towing eye that is located under the floor hatch in the cargo area.


To access the towing eye/wheel wrench in the foam block:

  • Version 1: Lift the emergency puncture repair kit compressor unit (point 5) to access the wheel wrench. Lift out the bottle of sealant (point 6) to access the towing eye.
  • Version 2: Lift the emergency puncture repair kit compressor unit (point 5) to access the towing eye. The wheel wrench is located underneath the jack.
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The cover for the towing eye's attachment point is available in two variants which must be opened in the following way:

  • Open the rear bumper's recess using a coin or similar inserted in the recess, carefully turning it outwards. Then turn out the cover completely and remove it.
  • The front bumper's recess has a marking along one side or in a corner: Press the marking with a finger and fold out the opposite side/corner at the same time - the cover turns around its axis and can then be removed.

Screw the towing eye right in up to its flange. Turn in the towing eye firmly e.g. using the wheel wrench.

The towing eye is unscrewed after use. Place the towing eye back in its position.

Finish by refitting the cover onto the bumper.


The towing eye is only designed for towing on roads - not for pulling the car unstuck or out of a ditch. Call a recovery service for recovery assistance.

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