The upper right-hand corner of the rearview mirror contains a display that shows the compass direction in which the front of the car is pointing.


P4-1220-Y55X Rearview mirror with integrated compass display
Rearview mirror with compass.

Eight different directions are shown with English abbreviations: N (north), NE (north east), E (east), SE (south east), S (south), SW (south west), W (west) and NW (north west).

The compass is activated automatically when the car is started or when key position II is active, see Key positions - functions at different levels. To deactivate/activate the compass - press in the button on the rear side of the mirror using a paper clip for example.

The compass is deactivated when the heated windscreen is activated. When the heated windscreen is deactivated, the compass is reactivated.


The earth is divided into 15 magnetic zones. The compass is set for the geographic area to which the car was delivered. The compass should be calibrated if the car is moved across several magnetic zones. Proceed as follows:
Stop the car in a large open area free from steel structures and high-voltage power lines.
Start the car.


For the best calibration, switch off all electrical equipment (climate control system, wipers, etc.) and makes sure that all doors are closed.
Hold the button on the underside of the rearview mirror depressed approx. 3 seconds. The number of the current magnetic zone is shown.
P3/P4-1517-Compass magnetic zones
Magnetic zones.
Press the button repeatedly until the required magnetic zone (1–15) is shown. See the map of magnetic zones for the compass.
Wait until the display returns to showing the character C, or hold the button on the bottom of the rearview mirror depressed for approx. 6 seconds (use e.g. a paper clip) until the character C is shown.
Drive slowly in a circle at a speed of no more than 10 km/h until a compass direction is shown in the display, indicating that calibration is complete. Then drive a further 2 circles to fine-tune calibration.
Repeat the above procedure as necessary.
  1. * Option/accessory.