Start/Stop* - the engine auto-starts

Some engine and gearbox combinations are equipped with a Start/Stop function which engages in the event of e.g. stationary traffic or waiting at traffic lights.

An auto-stopped engine may restart in certain cases without the driver having decided that the journey should continue.

In the following cases the engine also starts automatically if the driver has not depressed the clutch pedal (manual gearbox) or takes his/her foot off the brake pedal (automatic gearbox):

Misting forms on the windows.M + A
The environment in the passenger compartment deviates from the preset values2.M + A
There is a temporarily high current take-off or starter battery capacity drops below the lowest permissible level. M + A
Repeated pumping of the brake pedal.M + A
The bonnet is opened3.M + A
The car starts to roll, or there is a small increase in speed if the car auto-stopped without being completely stationary.M + A
The driver's seatbelt buckle is opened with the gear selector in D or N position.A
Steering wheel movements3.A
The gear selector is moved out of the D position to S position4, R or "+/-".A
The driver's door is opened with the gear selector in D position - a "ping" sound and text message inform that the Start/Stop function is active.A


Do not open the bonnet when the engine has stopped automatically - the engine may suddenly start automatically. First switch off the engine as normal using the START/STOP ENGINE button before opening the bonnet.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 M = Manual gearbox, A = Automatic gearbox.
  3. 2 Car with ECC.
  4. 3 With certain engines only.
  5. 4 Sport mode.