Spare wheel*

A spare wheel (Temporary spare) is used to temporarily replace a punctured normal wheel.

A spare wheel is only intended for use temporarily and must be replaced by an normal wheel as soon as possible. The car's handling may be altered by the use of a spare wheel. The spare wheel is smaller than the normal wheel. The car's ground clearance is affected accordingly. Pay attention to high kerbs and do not machine wash the car. If the spare wheel is fitted on the front axle, you cannot use snow chains at the same time. On all-wheel drive cars the drive on the rear axle can be disconnected. The spare wheel must not be repaired. The correct tyre pressure for the spare wheel is stated in the tyre pressure table, see Tyres - air pressure.


  • Never drive faster than 80 km/h with a spare wheel on the car.
  • The car must never be driven fitted with more than one "Temporary Spare" wheel.
  1. * Option/accessory.