Remote control key/PCC - replacing the battery

The battery1 in the remote control key may need to be replaced.

The battery for the remote control key should be replaced if:

  • the information symbol is illuminated and the display in the combined instrument panel shows Car key battery low See manual


  • the locks repeatedly do not react to signals from the remote control key within 20 metres from the car.
p3007 Nycke batteribyte 1
p3007 Nyckel batteribyte 2
P3-720 Batteribyte på fjärrnyckel 3/3


Ikon grå fyrkant 1

Ikon röd pil 1 Slide the spring-loaded catch to the side.

Ikon röd pil 2 At the same time pull the key blade straight out backwards.
Ikon grå fyrkant 2

Ikon röd pil 3 Insert a 3 mm slot screwdriver in the hole behind the spring-loaded catch and gently prize the remote control key up.


Turn the remote control key over with the buttons facing up, this is to avoid the batteries falling out when it is opened.


Avoid touching new batteries and their contact surfaces with your fingers as this may impair their function.

Battery replacement


Volvo recommends that the batteries to be used in the remote control key/PCC fulfil UN Manual of Test and Criteria, Part III, sub-section 38.3. Batteries fitted in the factory or replaced by an authorised Volvo workshop fulfil the above criteria.
Ikon grå fyrkant 3

Closely study how the battery/batteries are secured on the inside of the cover, with regard to their (+) and () sides.

Remote control key with one battery

  1. Carefully prize out the battery.
  2. Install a new one with the (+) side down.

Remote control key with PCC* with two batteries

  1. Carefully prize out the batteries.
  2. First install one new one with the (+) side up.
  3. Position the white plastic tab in between and finally install a second new battery with the (+) side down.

Battery type

Use batteries with designation CR2430, 3 V.


Press the remote control key together.
Hold the remote control key with the slot pointed up and lower the key blade into its slot.
Lightly press the key blade. You should hear a "click" when the key blade is locked in.


Make sure that exhausted batteries are disposed of in a manner which is kind to the environment.
  1. 1 Remote control key with PCC has two batteries.
  2. * Option/accessory.