Inflatable Curtain (IC)

The inflatable curtain helps to prevent the driver and passengers from striking their heads on the inside of the car during a collision.
P4-1220-Y55X-Inflatable curtain, side view

The inflatable curtain IC (Inflatable Curtain) is part of the SIPS system. It is fitted along the headlining on both sides and helps protect the driver and passengers in the car's outer seats. A sufficiently violent collision trips the sensors and the inflatable curtain is inflated.


Never hang or attach heavy items onto the handles in the roof. The hook is only designed for light clothing (not for solid objects such as umbrellas for example).

Do not screw or install anything onto the car's headlining, door pillars or side panels. This could compromise the intended protection. Volvo recommends that you only ever use Volvo genuine parts that are approved for placement in these areas.


Do not load the car higher than 50 mm under the top edge of the windows in the doors. Otherwise, the intended protection of the inflatable curtain, which is concealed in the headlining, may be compromised.


The inflatable curtain is a supplement to the seatbelts.

Always use a seatbelt.