Media player can play back pre-recorded and burned CD/DVD discs.

The media player supports and can play the following main types of discs and files:

  • Pre-recorded CD/DVD discs (CD/DVD Audio).
  • Pre-recorded DVD-Video discs (DVD Video).
  • Burned CD-/DVD discs with audio files.

For more information about the supported formats, see compatible file formats.

A disc may contain a maximum of 5000 files (including playlists) in order to be playable.


Some audio files that are copy-protected by record companies or privately copied audio files cannot be loaded by the player.

It is possible to copy music from disc1 to the car's hard disk drive (HDD) and then play it back from there.

It is possible to link certain functions to the FAV button. A linked function is then activated simply by pressing the FAV button, see Favourites.

For basic information on playback and navigation, read how the system is operated and menu navigation . See below for a more detailed description.

Playback and navigation of CD/DVD Audio

In the normal view for the disc source, press OK/MENU and turn TUNE to access the disc's track structure. Navigate in the structure by turning TUNE.

Start playback of a track by pressing OK/MENU.

Playback and navigation of burned CD/DVD discs

If a disc with audio/video files is inserted into the player then the disc's folder structure needs to be loaded. Depending on the quality of the disc and the quantity of information there may be a certain delay before playback starts.

In the normal view for the disc source, press OK/MENU and turn TUNE to access the disc's folder structure or to browse the categories. Navigate in the structure by turning TUNE, select folder using OK/MENU and go back in the structure using EXIT.

Start playback of a file by pressing OK/MENU.

When the playback of a file is finished the playback of the other files in the same folder continues. Folder change takes place automatically when all files in the current folder have been played back.

Playback and navigation of DVD Video

To manage DVD Video, see Playback and navigation of DVD video discs.

Media search

There is the option to search for music in your devices. The search scans through USB, disc and the hard disk drive. Read more about the search function.

  1. 1 Certain markets.