Some engine and gearbox combinations come fitted with a Start/Stop function which engages in the event of e.g. stationary traffic or waiting at traffic lights - the engine is then switched off temporarily and restarts automatically when the journey is due to continue.

Environmental care is one of Volvo Car Corporation's core values and it influences all of our operations. This target orientation has resulted in several separate energy-saving functions of which Start/Stop is one, all with the collective task of reducing fuel consumption, which in turn helps to reduce exhaust emissions.

General information on Start/Stop

P3-1046 DRIVe S/S-funktion i kö
The engine is switched off - it becomes quieter and cleaner...

The Start/Stop function gives the driver the opportunity for a more active environmentally conscious way of driving the car by means of being able to allow the engine to stop automatically, whenever appropriate.

Manual or Automatic

Note that there are differences in the Start/Stop function depending on whether the gearbox is manual or automatic.

  1. * Option/accessory.