Remote control key with PCC* - range

The range of a remote control key with PCC (Personal Car Communicator) for unlocking the doors and tailgate is approx. 20 metres from the car - the other functions are up to approx. 100 metres. If the car does not verify a button being pressed - move closer and try again.


The information button function may be disrupted by surrounding radio waves, buildings, topographical conditions, etc.

Out of range

If the remote control key is too far away from the car for the information to be read then the status the car was last left in is shown, without the light travelling around on the remote control key.

If several remote control keys are used for the car then it is only the remote control key last used for locking/unlocking that shows the correct status.


P3-820 Remote key PCC - Icon Information If none of the indicator lamps illuminates with repeated use of the information button and in different locations (as well as after 7 seconds and after the light has travelled around on the PCC), contact a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.
  1. * Option/accessory.