TV* channels/preset list

Searching of TV channels takes place automatically and continuously from the car. The available channels are saved in a channel list. The channel list search criteria can be changed, but not the order. There is also a preset list in which the order of the presets can be changed.

Change in the preset list

You can change the order of the channels that are shown in the preset list. A TV channel can have more than one place in the preset list. The TV channel positions can also vary in the preset list.

To change the order in the preset list, in the normal view for the TV source, press OK/MENU and select Presets.
Turn TUNE to the channel you want to move in the list and confirm with OK/MENU.
The selected channel is highlighted.
Turn TUNE to the new location in the list and confirm with OK/MENU.
The channels change places with each other.

After the preset channels (max. 30) come all the other channels available in the area. It is possible to move a channel up to a place in the preset list.

  1. * Option/accessory.