Headlamps - adjusting headlamp pattern

The headlamp pattern must be adjusted to avoid dazzling oncoming motorists and can be set for right or left-hand traffic.
p3007 ljusbild vänstertrafik
Headlamp pattern, left-hand traffic.
p3007 ljusbild högertrafik
Headlamp pattern, right-hand traffic.

Active Xenon headlamps*

The light pattern does not need to be adjusted. The headlamp pattern is designed in such a way that oncoming traffic is not dazzled.

Halogen headlamps

The headlamp pattern for halogen headlamps is readjusted by masking the headlamp lens. The headlamp pattern may not be as good.

Masking the headlamps

Copy the A and B templates for left-hand drive cars or the C and D templates for right-hand drive cars, see later section "Templates for halogen headlamps". The printed owner's manual describes how the templates can be made in the correct scale:

  • A = LHD Right (left-hand drive, right lens)
  • B = LHD Left (left-hand drive, left lens)
  • C = RHD Right (right-hand drive, right lens)
  • D = RHD Left (right-hand drive, left lens)
Transfer the template to a self-adhesive waterproof material and cut it out.
Start from the design lines on the headlamp lenses; see the lines in the following figure. Position the self-adhesive templates at the design lines with the help of the illustration.
P4-1220-Y55X Masking halogen headlights
Upper row: left-hand drive cars, templates A and B. Lower row: right-hand drive cars, templates C and D.

Templates for halogen headlamps

P4-1220 Figures with ruler, halogen headlights
  1. * Option/accessory.