Bluetooth® handsfree phone

A mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth® can be connected wirelessly to the car.
P3-1320-S60/V60/V60H-Bluetooth handsfree
Phone functions, controls overview.

The device must first be registered and connected to the car.

The audio and media system acts as handsfree, with the facility to remotely control a selection of the mobile phone's functions. The mobile phone can still be operated with its own keys when it is connected to the car.

When a mobile phone is connected to the car, it is also possible to simultaneously stream audio files from the phone or other Bluetooth®-connected media device, see Media Bluetooth®. Change between the main sources TEL and MEDIA to manage each source's functions.


Only a selection of mobile phones are fully compatible with the handsfree function. Volvo recommends that you seek assistance from an authorised Volvo dealer for information on compatible phones.


A short press on TEL activates last connected phone. If a phone is already connected, and TEL is pressed, a shortcut menu is shown with commonly used menu options for the phone. The P3-1346-x60-Symbol-phone-connected small symbol indicates that a phone is connected.

To call

Make sure that the P3-1346-x60-Symbol-phone-connected small symbol appears at the top of the screen and that the handsfree function is in phone mode.
Dial the number required, or in normal view turn TUNE to the right to access the phone book and to the left for the call register for all calls.
Press OK/MENU to call the selected contact or number from the call register.

The call is interrupted with EXIT.

Reading a text message1

The car mirrors the connected mobile phone's text messages.

If a connected telephone receives a text message the symbol P3-1346-x60-Symbol-phone-message recieved small is shown at the top of the screen.

Press TEL and then press OK/MENU in order to access Phone menu.
Turn TUNE to Messages and press OK/MENU.
Turn TUNE to the message to be read out and press OK/MENU.
The message is shown on the screen.

Pressing OK/MENU accesses the message menu with options to e.g. allow the system voice to read out the message2, call the sender of the message or delete the message.

If the main source TEL is already active then a pop-up menu with new messages is shown on the screen. Pressing OK/MENU shows the selected message while the system voice reads it out at the same time2. The reading is interrupted with EXIT.

The pop-up menu and the notification sound can be switched off under Phone menuMessage notifications.


To show the connected mobile phone's messages in the car, mirroring must be accepted in the mobile phone when it is connected. Depending on the mobile phone, this can be activated by means of the following:

  • a pop-up box or a notification is shown and accepted in the phone.
  • accept sharing of information in the phone's settings for the Bluetooth® connection to the car.

In some cases it may be a requirement that the mobile phone is disconnected and reconnected to the car in order for mirroring to be activated.

  1. 1 Not supported by all mobile phones.
  2. 2 Applies to certain markets.