Accessories and extra equipment

The incorrect connection and installation of accessories and extra equipment can negatively affect the car's electronic system.

Certain accessories only function when associated software is installed in the car's computer system. Volvo therefore recommends that you always contact an authorised Volvo workshop before installing accessories or extra equipment which are connected to or affect the electrical system.

Heat-reflecting windscreen*

The windscreen is equipped with a heat-reflecting film (IR) that reduces the solar heat radiation into the passenger compartment.

The positioning of electronic equipment, such as a transponder, behind a glass surface with heat-reflecting film may affect its function and performance.

For the optimal function of electronic equipment, it should be positioned on the part of the windscreen with no heat-reflecting film (see the highlighted area in the illustration).

P4-1220-Y55X IR free windscreen
Areas where IR film is not applied.
A 65 mm
B150 mm
C125 mm
  1. * Option/accessory.