Air quality - IAQS*

The air quality system IAQS separates gases and particles to reduce the levels of odours and pollution in the passenger compartment.

If the outside air is contaminated then the air intake is closed in order to shut out hydrocarbons, nitrous oxides and ground-level ozone. The air is recirculated in the passenger compartment.

It is possible to activate/deactivate the function in the menu system MY CAR. For a description of the menu system, see MY CAR.


The air quality sensor must always be enabled to ensure the best air in the passenger compartment.

In a cold climate, automatic recirculation is limited so as to prevent misting.


To maintain the CZIP standard in cars with CZIP the IAQS filter should be changed after 15 000 km or once per year depending on whichever occurs first. However, up to 75 000 km over 5 years. In cars without CZIP and where the customer does not want to retain the CZIP standard, the IAQS filter must be replaced during a regular service.
  1. * Option/accessory.