Navigation* - map and system information

Volvo offers a number of maps that cover different parts of the world. A map consists of map data and road data with related information.

During the update, new information is transferred to the navigation system and old outdated information is deleted.

System information

P3-1346-NAV-Melco Meny Inställn System-info-2
In the normal view for the navigation source, press OK/MENU and select SettingsSystem information.
An excerpt from the current status in the navigation system is shown, e.g. current transmitter of traffic information and operative map data, as well as map version.

Maps - content

Maps are developed with enhanced information and are updated continuously.


Map data does not have 100 percent coverage in all areas/countries.

The system's coverage area is under constant construction and updating may sometimes be necessary.

See and for further information about maps and other information related to Sensus Navigation.

Map areas

The car's navigation system varies depending on market. Should you need to modify the map area - contact a Volvo dealer for information on how to proceed.

Updating the maps

Updated map data is downloaded from the Internet1 to a USB memory2. The transfer of the downloaded update to the car's navigation system then takes place via the car's USB connection, which is located in the tunnel console's rear storage compartment.


Before update of the car's map data is started:

  • First read through the information and instructions from the Internet related to the download and update of map data.

In the event of any questions about updating - contact a Volvo dealer or see and


Follow the onscreen instructions in order to update the navigation system - this shows the progress of the update process as well as approximate time remaining.


A number of the Infotainment functions are disabled or reduced during updating.
Start the engine.
Connect the USB memory containing the update to the car's USB connector and follow the onscreen instructions.
The display screen shows Map update finished. All of the navigation system's functions can be used again.


In certain cases, updating map data may also add new functions, which are not described in this manual.

Continue an interrupted update

If the update is not finished when the engine is switched off then the process continues where it left off next time the engine is started, providing the USB memory is still connected. If the USB memory is not connected - start the engine and then connect the USB memory.

The screen shows Map update finished when the update is completed.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 See information on
  3. 2 The USB memory must have at least 20 GB of space available.