Driving with a trailer - automatic gearbox

When driving with a trailer in hilly terrain in a hot climate there may be a risk of overheating.
  • An automatic gearbox selects the optimum gear related to load and engine speed.
  • In the event of overheating, a warning symbol is illuminated in the combined instrument panel and a text message is shown in the information display - follow the recommendation given.

Steep inclines

  • Do not lock the automatic transmission in a higher gear than the engine "can cope with" - it is not always a good idea to drive at a high gear with low engine revolutions.


See also the specific information on slow driving with a trailer for cars with automatic gearbox - Powershift.

Parking on a hill

Depress the foot brake.
Activate the parking brake.
Move the gear selector to position P.
Release the foot brake.
  • Move the gear selector to park position P when parking an automatic car with a hitched trailer. Always use the parking brake.
  • Block the wheels with chocks when parking a car with hitched trailer on a hill.

Starting on a hill

Depress the foot brake.
Move the gear selector to driving position D.
Release the parking brake.
Release the foot brake and start driving off.