Loading - folding bag holder*

A folding bag holder in the floor keeps bags in place and prevents them from overturning and spreading their contents in the cargo area, and can be opened up in three positions.
P4-1220- Y55X- Foldable grocery bag holder, overview
Folding bag holder

It can be set to two adjustment positions and one service position, as it is known, where it is fully unfolded. There are also two floor combination variants, one with adjustment positions in a tub under the floor and one with adjustment positions in plastic rails. The raising below shows the adjustment position in a tub under the floor.

The load on the central holder is max. 3 kg and max. 10 kg on the outer holder.

Folding up

P4-1220-Y55X-Grocery bag holder, folding up
Ikon röd pil 1

Lift the handle* on the upper floor and fold up the floor.

Ikon röd pil 2

Move the floor forwards to an appropriate position and place it in the adjustment groove.

In service position, the floor is moved all the way forwards towards the rear seat back and placed in the plastic support in the centre.
  1. * Option/accessory.