V40 Cross Country

2017 Late

Starting the engine

The engine is started and switched off using the remote control key and the START/STOP ENGINE button.
P4-1220-Y55X-Remote key in ignition slot
Ignition switch with remote control key extracted/inserted. and START/STOP ENGINE button.


Do not press in the remote control key incorrectly turned - Hold the end with the detachable key blade; see Detachable key blade - detaching/attaching
Insert the remote control key in the ignition switch and press it in to its end position.
Hold the clutch pedal fully depressed1. (For cars with automatic gearbox - Depress the brake pedal.)
Press the START/STOP ENGINE button and then release it.

The starter motor works until the engine is started or until its overheating protection triggers.


If the engine fails to start after 3 attempts - wait for 3 minutes before making a further attempt. Starting capacity increases if the battery is allowed to recover.


Always remove the remote control key from the ignition switch when leaving the car, and make sure that the key position is 0 - in particular if there are children in the car. For information on how this works, see Key positions.


The idling speed can be noticeably higher than normal for certain engine types during cold starting. This is done in order that the emissions system can reach normal operating temperature as quickly as possible, which minimises exhaust emissions and protects the environment.

Keyless starting (Keyless drive)*

Follow steps 2–3 for keyless starting of petrol and diesel engines.


A prerequisite for the engine to start is that one of the car's remote control keys with the keyless start and lock function is in the passenger compartment or cargo area.


Never remove the remote control key from the car while driving or during towing.
  1. 1 If the car is moving then it is enough to press the START/STOP ENGINE button to start the car.
  2. * Option/accessory.

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