V40 Cross Country

2017 Late

Temperature control in the passenger compartment

When the car is started, the most recent temperature setting is resumed.


Heating or cooling cannot be hastened by selecting a higher or lower temperature than the actual desired temperature.

With ECC*

P4-1246-Y55X-Temperature level in display
Current temperature for each side is shown in the centre console's display screen.
P4-1220-Y55x-ECC button temp

The temperatures on the driver and passenger sides can be set independently. Repeatedly press L/R in the button to select the setting for left, right or both sides. Set the temperature using the knob - the selected temperature for either side is displayed in the centre console display.

With ETC

P4-1220-Y55X-Temp button ETC

The temperature in the passenger compartment can be adjusted with the knob.

  1. * Option/accessory.

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