Park assist camera - settings

The parking camera is an auxiliary system, which is activated when the reverse gear is selected.

Activate switched-off camera

If the camera function is switched off when reverse gear is selected, it is activated in the following way:

P4-1420-Huvudkällmeny PAC
Main source menu1.
  1. Give one or two long presses on EXIT to access the main source menu.
  2. Turn to the "Camera" option with TUNE and press OK/MENU.
  3. In the following menu: - Turn to the desired camera view with TUNE and press OK/MENU - the screen shows the current camera view.


Cars with the front camera option have a CAM button on the climate panel.

P4-1220-Parking Assistant Camera
Button location may vary depending on options for other equipment.
  • Press CAM to activate the camera - the screenshows the current camera view.

To change view between the reversing camera and front camera:

  • Press CAM or turn TUNE.

Change setting

The default setting is that the camera is activated when reverse gear is selected.

The settings for the parking camera can be changed when the screen shows a camera view:

  1. Press OK/MENU when a camera view is shown - the screenchanges to a menu with various options.
  2. Turn to reach the desired option with TUNE.
  3. Highlight the option by pressing OK/MENU once and go back out with EXIT.


The camera can be used to advantage when hitching a trailer. A park assist line for the towbar's intended "trajectory" toward the trailer can be shown on the screen - exactly as for the "wheel tracks".

A choice can be made between showing the "wheel tracks" or the towbar's trajectory - both options cannot be shown simultaneously.

  1. Press OK/MENU when a camera view is shown.
  2. Turn to reach the Tow bar trajectory guide line option with TUNE.
  3. Highlight the option by pressing OK/MENU once and go back out with EXIT.


If precise manoeuvring is required then the camera view can be zoomed in:

  • Press CAM or turn TUNE - repeated press/turn changes back to the normal view.

If more options are available, they are in a loop - press/turn until the desired camera view is shown.

  1. 1 See the Sensus Infotainment supplement for more information about the menu system.
  2. * Option/accessory.

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