Park assist syst* - function

The parking assistance system is automatically activated when the engine is started - the switch's On/Off lamp is illuminated. If parking assistance is switched off with the button, the lamp goes out.
P4-1220-Parkeringshjälp På-/Av-knapp
On/Off for the sensors for parking assistance and CTA1.

The centre console's display screen shows an overview of the relationship between the car and detected obstacle.

Display screen view - showing an obstacle left front and right rear.

Marked sectors show which of the four sensor(s) detected an obstacle. The closer to the car symbol a selected sector box is, the shorter the distance between the car and a detected obstacle.

The frequency of the signal increases the shorter the distance to an obstacle, in front of or behind the car. Other sound from the audio system is muted automatically.

When the distance is within 30 cm the tone is constant and the active sensor's field nearest the car is filled in. If the detected obstacle is within the distance for the constant tone both behind and in front of the car, then the tone sounds alternately from the loudspeakers.


Objects e.g. chains, thin glossy poles or low barriers may be in the "signal shadow" and are then temporarily not detected by the sensors - the pulsating tone may then unexpectedly stop instead of changing over to the expected constant tone.

The sensors cannot detect high objects, such as projecting loading docks.

  • In such situations, pay extra attention and manoeuvre/reposition the car particularly slowly or stop the current parking manoeuvre - there may be a high risk of damage to vehicles or other objects since information from the sensors is not always reliable in such situations.

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