Brake and clutch fluid - level

Brake and clutch fluid level should be between the reservoir MIN and MAX marks.

Checking the level

Brake and clutch fluid have a common reservoir. The level must be between the MIN and MAX marks that are visible inside the reservoir. Check the level regularly.

Change the brake fluid every other year or at every other regular service.

The fluid should be changed annually on cars driven in conditions requiring hard, frequent braking, such as driving in mountains or tropical climates with high humidity.

For capacities and recommended brake fluid grade, see Brake fluid - grade and volume.


If the brake fluid is below the MIN level in the brake fluid reservoir, do not drive further before topping up the brake fluid. Volvo recommends that the reason for the loss of brake fluid is investigated by an authorised Volvo workshop.


P4-1220-Y55X- Brake fluid, refilling
The fluid reservoir is located on the driver's side.

Unscrew the reservoir cap and fill the fluid. The level must be between the MIN and MAX marks, which are located on the inside of the reservoir.


Do not forget to refit the cap.