Book service and repair*1

Manage service, repair and booking information directly in your Internet-connected car.

This service1 provides a convenient way to book a service and workshop visit directly in the car. Car information is sent to your dealer, who can prepare the workshop visit. The dealer will contact you to schedule an appointment time. For certain markets, the system reminds you of a scheduled appointment time as it approaches and the navigation system2 can also guide you to the workshop when the time comes.

Before the service can be used

Volvo ID and my profile

  • Register a Volvo ID. For more information and how to create a Volvo ID, see Volvo ID.
  • Log in to the owner portal My Volvo, go to your profile and carry out the following:
Check that the car is connected to your profile.
Check that your contact information is correct.
Select the Volvo dealer you want to contact for service and repair.
Choose preferred communication channel (phone). Booking information is always sent to the car and to you via email.

Prerequisite for booking from car

  • To send and receive booking information to and from the car, the car must be connected to the Internet.
  • Since the booking information is sent over your private phone subscription, you will be asked whether you want to send the information. The question is asked once and then applies to the selected connection for a limited time.
  • For the service to work and for the system to communicate via the car's screen, notifications/pop-up messages must be accepted. In the normal view for the MY CAR source, press OK/MENU and then Service & repairDisplay notifications.

Using the service

All menus and settings are accessed from the normal view in MY CAR by pressing OK/MENU and then Service & repair.

When it is time for service, and in some cases when the car is in need of repair, this is notified in the combined instrument panel and via a pop-up menu in the screen.

P3/P4-CSB_pop-up_Service need
Service message in the screen.

Meaning of the answer options in the screen's pop-up menu:

  • Yes - A booking enquiry is sent to your dealer who then comes back with a booking proposal. The service lamp and service message in the combined instrument panel are extinguished.
  • No - No more pop-up messages will be shown in the screen. The message in the combined instrument panel remains. After this option has been selected, it is possible to start the manual booking in the car, see below.
  • Postpone - The pop-up menu is shown the next time the car is started.

Book a service or repair manually1

Press the MY CAR button in the centre console and select Service & repairDealer informationRequest service or repair.
Vehicle data is sent automatically to your dealer.
The dealer sends a booking proposal to the car.
Accept or request a new booking proposal.

After the booking has been accepted the booking information is stored in the car, see My bookings. The car will automatically communicate with you via the screen by means of reminders about the booking and guide you to the workshop visit.

You can also book a workshop visit via My Volvo. Go to "My bookings" and select "Update" in order to gain access to bookings from My Volvo.

My bookings1

Show booking information in the car's screen. Accept or request a new booking proposal.

Select Service & repairMy bookings.

Call the dealer1

With a phone connected to the car, you can call your dealer.

Select Service & repairDealer informationCall dealer.

Using the navigation system1, 2

Enter your workshop as destination or waypoint in the navigation system.

Select Service & repairDealer informationSet single destination.
Select Service & repairDealer informationAdd as waypoint.

Sending vehicle data1

Vehicle data are sent to a central Volvo database (not your dealer) from which Volvo dealers can retrieve vehicle information using the car's identification number (VIN3). The number is printed in the car's service and warranty booklet, alternatively inside the windscreen's bottom left-hand corner.

Select Service & repairSend car data.

Booking information and vehicle data

When you decide to book a service from your car, the booking information and vehicle data will be sent. Vehicle data information consists of information within the following areas:

  • service requirement
  • function status
  • fluid levels
  • Meter reading
  • the car's vehicle identification number (VIN3)
  • The car's software version.
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Applies to certain markets.
  3. 2 Applies to Sensus Navigation.
  4. 3 Vehicle Identification Number