Symbols in the display

There are a variety of different symbols in the display in the car. The symbols are divided into warning, indicator and information symbols. Shown below are the most common symbols with their meanings and a reference to where in the manual further information can be found.

Symbol varning - text - Red warning symbol, illuminates when a fault has been indicated which could affect the safety and/or driveability of the car. An explanatory text is shown in the combined instrument panel at the same time.

Symbol information läs displaytext - text - Information symbol, illuminates in combination with text in the combined instrument panel, when a deviation in any of the car's systems has occurred. The information symbol can also illuminate in conjunction with other symbols.

Warning symbols in the combined instrument panel

Control symbols in the combined instrument panel

Information symbols in the combined instrument panel

P4-1220-Y55X Symbol AHB, helljus, DIM High-LineActive high beam, AHB (Active High Beam)*Active high beam*
P4-1220-Y55X Symbol Kamera blockeradCamera sensor*Active high beam*
P3-0720 Symbol farthållare 2Adaptive cruise control*Adaptive cruise control* - symbols and messages
P4-1246-Symbol_time set acc 2Adaptive cruise control*, Distance Warning* (Distance Alert)Adaptive cruise control* - set time interval, Distance Warning*
P4-1246-Symbol_time set accAdaptive cruise control*, time intervalAdaptive cruise control - ACC*, Adaptive cruise control* - overview
P4-1246-Symbol_accCruise control*Cruise control*
P4-1246-Symbol Radar BlockeradRadar sensor*Adaptive cruise control* - symbols and messages, Distance Warning* - symbols and messages, Collision warning system* - symbols and messages
P3-1020-sv60 Symbol ACC BrakeFoot brakeFoot brake
P4-1246-Symbol_speed limiterSpeed limiterSpeed limiter*
P4-1246-Symbol Kamera BlockeradCamera sensor*, Laser sensor*City Safety™ - symbols and messages, Collision warning system* - symbols and messages, Driver Alert Control (DAC)* - symbols and messages, Lane Departure Warning (LDW) - symbols and messages
Symbol Krockvarning AvAuto Brake*, Distance Warning* (Distance Alert), City Safety™, Collision warning system*Distance Warning* - symbols and messages, City Safety™ - symbols and messages, Collision warning system* - symbols and messages
P4-1246 Symbol Fuel heaterEngine block heater and passenger compartment heater*Preconditioning - messages
P4-1246 Symbol Fuel heater Activated timer - digitalActivated timer*Preconditioning - messages
P4-1246 Symbol ABL and GDLABL system*Active Xenon headlamps*
P3-0946 Symbol TankluckaFuel filler flap, right-hand sideFuel filler flap - Opening/closing
P3007-Symbol LågBatterinivåLow batteryPreconditioning - messages
P3 V60H Symbol parkeringsbroms 2Parking brakeParking brake
Symbol regnsensorn 1Rain sensor*Wipers and washing
Symbol Driver Alert ServiceDriver Alert System*, Lane Departure Warning*Driver Alert Control (DAC)* - symbols and messages, Lane Departure Warning (LDW) - symbols and messages
P3-1246-Symbol Lane Departure WarningDriver Alert System*, Lane Departure Warning*Lane Departure Warning (LDW) - symbols and messages
P4-1246-Symbol Kaffe-PAUSDriver Alert System*, Time for a breakDriver Alert Control (DAC)* - symbols and messages
P4-1220-Symbol_tsiRecorded speed information*Road sign information (RSI)* - operation
P3-1320 Symbol parking indoorParking insidePreconditioning - parking inside
P3-1320 Symbol parking outdoorParking outsidePreconditioning - parking outside
P3-1320-V60H-Symbol frontseats heatHeating the seatPreconditioning - parking inside, Preconditioning - parking outside

Information symbols in the roof console display

P3-0946 Symbol BältespåminnareSeatbelt reminderSeatbelt reminder
P3-0946 Symbol Krockkudde pass aktiveradAirbag, passenger seat, activatedPassenger airbag - activating/deactivating*
P3-0946 Symbol Krockkudde pass avaktiveradAirbag, passenger seat, deactivatedPassenger airbag - activating/deactivating*
  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Included in the installation of Volvo genuine towbar.