Audio and media - menu navigation

The audio and media system is controlled from the centre console and partly from the steering wheel buttons, with voice recognition or remote control*. The information is presented on the screen in the upper section of the centre console.
P3-1346-x60-Menu handling_Flow chart
The example shows navigation to different functions when the media is played from the car's hard disc drive.
  1. Ikon röd cirkel 1 Main source button - press in order to change the main source or to show the shortcut menu in the active source.
  2. Ikon röd cirkel 2Normal view - normal mode for the source.
  3. Ikon röd cirkel 3Shortcut menu - shows frequent menu selections.
  4. Ikon röd cirkel 4 Quick menu - fast mode when TUNE is turned, e.g. for changing disc tracks, radio station, etc.
  5. Ikon röd cirkel 5Source menu - functions and settings in the active source.
  6. Ikon röd cirkel 6Source selection menu1 - shows the sources that can be selected.
  7. Ikon röd cirkel 7 main source menu - displays mains sources, which can also be selected with the main source keypad (1).

Appearance depends on source, equipment in the car, settings, etc.

Select main source by pressing a main source button (1) (e.g. RADIO, MEDIA). To navigate through the source menus, use the controls TUNE, OK/MENU, EXIT or the main source button (1).

If the text in a menu bar is light grey then it is not possible to select this option. This may be because the function is not available in the car, that the source is not active or connected, or does not contain anything.

For available functions, see Audio and media - menu overview.

  1. * Option/accessory.
  2. 1 Only available in those main sources that have several sources.