Airbag system

In the event of a frontal collision the airbag system helps to protect the driver and passenger from injuries to head, face and chest.
SRS-systemet (vänsterstyrd bil)
Airbag system, left-hand drive car.
SRS-systemet (högerstyrd bil)
Airbag system, right-hand drive car.

The system consists of airbags and sensors. A sufficiently violent collision trips the sensors and the airbag(s) are inflated and become hot. To cushion the impact, the airbag deflates when compressed. When this occurs, smoke escapes into the car. This is completely normal. The entire process, including inflation and deflation of the airbag, occurs within tenths of a second.


Volvo recommends that you contact an authorised Volvo workshop for repair. Defective work in the airbag system could cause malfunction and result in serious personal injury.


The detectors react differently depending on the nature of the collision and whether or not the seatbelts are fastened. Applies to all belt positions.

It is therefore possible that only one (or none) of the airbags may inflate in a collision. The detectors sense the force of the collision on the vehicle and the action is adapted accordingly so that one or more airbags are deployed.