Windows and rearview and door mirrors - heating

The defroster is used to quickly remove misting and ice from the rear window and door mirrors.

Rear window and door mirror defrosters

P3-V60H,V70, XC70, S80, S80L-Button rear window defroster
Heating, rear window and door mirrors

The function is used to remove ice and misting from the rear window and door mirrors.

One press of the button starts the heating. The light in the button indicates that the function is active. Switch off the heating as soon as the ice/misting is cleared in order not to load the battery unnecessarily. However, the function is switched off automatically after a certain time.

The door mirrors and rear window are demisted/defrosted automatically if the car is started in an outside temperature lower than +7 °C. Automatic defrosting can be selected in the menu system MY CAR, see MY CAR.