Recording data

Certain information about the vehicle's operation and functionality, and any incidents, are recorded in the car.

Your vehicle contains a number of computers whose function is to continuously check and monitor the vehicle's operation and functionality. Some of the computers can record information during normal driving if they detect an error. In addition, information is recorded in the event of a collision or incident. Parts of the recorded information are required so that technicians can diagnose and rectify faults in the vehicle during servicing and maintenance and so that Volvo can fulfil legal requirements and other regulations. In addition to this, the information is used for research purposes by Volvo in order to continually develop quality and safety, as the information can contribute to a better understanding of the factors that cause accidents and injuries. The information includes details of the status and functionality of various systems and modules in the vehicle with regard to engine, throttle, steering and brake systems, amongst other things. This information may include details regarding the way the driver drives the vehicle, such as vehicle speed, brake and accelerator pedal use, steering wheel movement and whether or not the driver and passengers have used their seatbelts. For the reasons given this information may be stored in the vehicle's computers for a certain length of time, but also as a result of a collision or incident. This information may be stored by Volvo as long as it can help to further develop and further enhance safety and quality and as long as there are legal requirements and other regulations that Volvo needs to consider.

Volvo will not contribute to the above-described information being disclosed to third parties without the vehicle owner's consent. However, due to national legislation and regulations Volvo may be required to disclose such information to authorities such as police authorities, or others who may assert a legal right to have access to it.

To be able to read and interpret the information recorded by the computers in the vehicle requires special technical equipment that Volvo, and workshops that have entered into agreements with Volvo, have access to. Volvo is responsible that the information, which is transferred to Volvo during servicing and maintenance, is stored and handled in a secure manner and that the handling complies with applicable legal requirements. For further information - contact a Volvo dealer.