General information about preconditioning

The climate in the car's passenger compartment can be preconditioned (acclimatised) before departure, in both hot and cold climates.

With preconditioning of the V60 Plug-in Hybrid the energy needs during the journey are reduced - the electricity mileage is extended. For this reason, use preconditioning to enable the use of the battery power1 for driving.


During preconditioning of the passenger compartment, the car works to reach comfort temperature and not the temperature set in the climate control system.

Warming-up includes the passenger compartment, windows and front seats if desired.

When the passenger compartment is being cooled (when the car is not plugged into the mains power circuit)* energy is drawn from the hybrid battery, correspondingly reducing mileage on electricity.


The car's doors and windows should be closed during the preconditioning of the passenger compartment.
  1. 1 If the car is cooled when it is not plugged into the mains power circuit then preconditioning draws energy from the hybrid battery.
  2. * Option/accessory.

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