Privacy locking*

Privacy locking is intended for when the car is left for service, with a hotel parking valet or similar. The glovebox is then locked and the tailgate lock is disconnected from the central locking - the tailgate cannot be opened with either the central locking button in the front doors or the remote control key.

P3 V60H Låspunkter utan servicelåsning
Active locks for remote control key with key blade.
P30-v70/V60H-Låspunkter med sekretesslåsning
Active locks for remote control key, without key blade and privacy locking activated.

This means that the remote control key without key blade can only be used to activate/deactivate the alarm, to open the doors and to drive the car.

The remote control key without key blade can then be handed over to the service or hotel staff - the loose key blade is retained by the car owner.


Do not forget to pull out the cargo cover over the cargo area before closing the tailgate.


P3-V60H- Sekretesslåsning handskfack
Activating privacy locking.

To activate privacy locking:

Ikon röd pil 1

Insert the key blade in the glovebox lock cylinder.

Ikon röd pil 2

Turn the key blade 180 degrees clockwise. The keyhole is vertical in the locked position for privacy locking.

Ikon röd pil 3

Pull out the key blade. The combined instrument panel's information display shows a message at the same time.

The glovebox is then locked and the tailgate can no longer be unlocked with the remote control key or the central locking button.


Do not reinsert the key blade into the remote control key, but keep it in a safe place instead.
  • Deactivation takes place in reverse order.

For information on locking the glovebox only, see Locking/unlocking - glovebox.

  1. * Option/accessory.