Adaptive cruise control* - set time interval

The adaptive cruise control (ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control) helps the driver to maintain an even speed and a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.
P4-1220-ACC Ändra avstånd

Different time intervals to the vehicle in front can be selected and shown in the combined instrument panel as 1-5 horizontal lines - the more lines the longer the time interval. One line corresponds to approximately 1 second to the vehicle in front, 5 lines approximately 3 seconds.

To set/change the time distance:

At low speed, when the distances are short, the adaptive cruise control increases the time interval slightly.

The adaptive cruise control allows the time interval to vary noticeably in certain situations in order to allow the car to follow the vehicle in front smoothly and comfortably.

Note that a short time interval only allows the driver a short time to react and take action if any unforeseen traffic problem should arise.

The same symbol is also shown when Distance Warning function is activated.


Only use the time intervals permitted by local traffic regulations.

If Cruise Control does not appear to react when activated, this may be because the time distance to the car in front is preventing an increase in speed.

The higher the speed the longer the calculated distance in metres for a given time interval.

  1. * Option/accessory.