Keyless drive* - PCC range

In order to open a door or the tailgate, a PCC must be no more than approx. 1.5 metres from the car door handle or tailgate.

The person who wishes to lock or unlock a door must have the PCC with him or her. It is not possible to lock or unlock a door if the PCC is on the opposite side of the car.

P3-v70/V60H-Nyckellöst lås- och startsystem

The red rings in the above figure indicate the range covered by the system's antennas.

If all PCCs are removed from the car when the engine is running or key position I or II is active, and if all doors are closed, then a warning message is shown in the information display in the combined instrument panel and an audio reminder signal sounds at the same time.

The warning message is extinguished and the audible reminder signal stops when the PCC is brought back to the car after either/or:

  • a door has been opened and closed
  • the PCC is inserted into the ignition switch
  • The OK button has been pressed.
  1. * Option/accessory.