Fuel - handling

Fuel of a lower quality than that recommended by Volvo must not be used as engine power and fuel consumption is negatively affected.


Always avoid inhaling fuel vapour and getting fuel splashes in the eyes.

In the event of fuel in the eyes, remove any contact lenses and rinse the eyes in plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

Never swallow fuel. Fuels such as petrol, bioethanol and mixtures of them and diesel are highly toxic and could cause permanent injury or be fatal if swallowed. Seek medical attention immediately if fuel has been swallowed.


Fuel which spills onto the ground can be ignited.

Switch off the fuel-driven heater before starting to refuel.

Never carry an activated mobile phone when refuelling. The ring signal could cause spark build-up and ignite petrol fumes, leading to fire and injury.


Mixing different types of fuel or the use of fuel not recommended invalidates Volvo's guarantees, and any associated service agreement. This applies to all engines. NOTE: It does not apply to cars with engines that are adapted to run on ethanol fuel (E85).


Extreme weather conditions, driving with a trailer or driving at high altitudes in combination with fuel grade are factors that could affect the car's performance.